On March 7th, EyeReply shared with you how to design effective communication and user experience across touch points to improve customer acquisition and retention. Through our workshop you discovered the latest insights, and will illustrated the process with a hands-on eye tracking test!

The digital landscape is changing rapidly, bringing new challenges and opportunities to all industries. Technology is transforming the way customers interact, engage and purchase products – and technology changes the way we can measure and improve customer experience. Today more than ever, designing effective communication and user experience across touch points is essential in customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention.

Within this competitive environment, it is necessary to provide products and solutions that incorporate a highly user-centered approach to service. In this workshop you discovered how to evaluate experiences across several touch points through visually effective and intuitive designs that support user navigation.

Combining the latest eye tracking methodology with traditional market research techniques, EyeReply allows you to understand user interaction better and improve your communication.

We shared with you insights from our most relevant case studies within the banking and telecommunications industries, and illustrated the process with a live eye tracking test.

Thank you for joining us! We look forward to seeing you again soon.