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E-commerce is a challenging business. Today more than ever before, technology is transforming the way customers access and purchase products online. The increasing competition goes far beyond product offering, and implies rivalry in terms of platform flexibility and usability.

Stay ahead of your competitors and make sure that you deliver the best user experience through your online store or your shopping app. We can help you evaluate and optimize your E-commerce and thus attract more returning users and buyers.

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– Is it easy for users to navigate in your E-commerce platform?
– Can users find easily what they are looking for?
– How can you facilitate product purchase and decrease the bounce rate?
– How can you decrease the bounce rate and minimize shopping cart abandonment?

No matter if you want to test your current online store or your shopping app prototype, at EyeReply we provide valuable shopper insights to improve the performance of your E-commerce. We have extensive experience and know-how on usability testing, and we aim for your success to maximise the conversion rate. 

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EyeReply E-commerce Testing and Online Store Usability


Check out this case study and see how we improved an online store.

Our client was on the process of converting their entire IT-backbone to ensure a more flexible structure for all digital interfaces throughout the entire organization. Their main goal was to create a solution that would allow internal personnel and end clients to easily access the same data on any device. At EyeReply we evaluated this solution from the initial stages until the final launch to ensure an easy and intuitive navigation and a positive user experience.

Our unique methodology allowed us to evaluate the level of usability and understandability of the flows and features implemented within the solution. Combining a qualitative approach (moderated interviews together with qualitative eye tracking) with quantitative measurements (time spent on each of the tasks and attitudinal scaling), we could identify the main areas of improvement across their E-commerce platforms.

The results allowed to compare and improve the performance over time, ensuring a high performance in terms of user experience and efficiency on the new solution. Not only our client minimized the risk of failure before launching this service into the nordic market, but also obtained an award for “Website of the year”. Later on, this online store concept was expanded to other European countries, where it continued improving to deliver the best user experience.


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